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7 Different Types Of Jewelry Boxes

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If you have a lot of jewelry, instead of just laying it on top of your dresser, you are going to want to keep it safe inside of a jewelry box. Here are seven different types of jewelry boxes you can use to keep your jewelry safe.

#1 Men's Cases

There are jewelry cases that are specifically designed to carry men's jewelry. They come with spaces to put large rings, cuff-links, tie pins as well as watches. These jewelry boxes don't have space for lots of necklaces and bracelets. They are designed more for men's specific jewelry and have special compartments for each of these types of jewelry.

#2 Pouches

Jewelry pouches are small and great for storing one or two jewelry items. They are generally used to store a special or delicate necklace you don't want to mix up with your other jewelry for fear of the necklace getting damaged. Jewelry pouches are also a great way to store jewelry when you are on the move, such as in your purse or when you are traveling.

#3 Travel Case

Jewelry travel cases are designed specifically for travel purposes. They are very light weight cases that have a couple of different compartments where you can store rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They are more rectangular in shape, solid and sturdy. They are generally secured with a latch to keep everything in place.

#4 Roll

A jewelry roll can be used at home for storing your jewelry and it can also be used for the mobile transportation of jewelry. A jewelry roll is really large and generally has lots of different compartments. Zippers are used for storage areas as are loops that are used to hold things in place. The entire contraption rolls up and seals together with a zipper. It is great if you have a profession where you have to bring jewelry with you, such as a performer, or if you have to travel a lot for business.

#5 Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is more decorative. The box itself more than likely has carvings on the box. It may have a tray on the top of the box for smaller items such as rings and earrings, with a large open space under the tray for large pieces of jewelry. It is usually smaller and simpler, and slightly more decorative than functional.

#6 Armoire

If you have lots of jewelry, you may want to consider a jewelry armoire. These are really large jewelry storage pieces that can be up to a couple of feet tall. They have the space to store all of the jewelry that you could ever want to store. There should be pull-out trays for rings, earning and watches. There should be places to lay flat, delicate necklaces and bracelets and hooks to hang more decorative pieces from as well. These types of jewelry storage devices may have some visual appeal to them as well and look more like regular furniture pieces.

#7 Safe

Finally, there are safes that are designed specifically for the purpose of storing jewelry. These safes come with large, solid locks on them. They look like any other safe on the outside but have internal compartments that allow you to safely store your different types of jewelry on the inside. These are great if you are worried about the safety of your jewelry.

Get your jewelry off the top of your dresser and put it somewhere safe. Purchase some type of jewelry case to protect your jewelry to ensure that it lasts for a long time. 

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