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Celebrate Your Native American Heritage With A Festive Gathering

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If you are a Native American and are a member of the Zuni tribe and would like to celebrate your heritage by throwing a festive gathering for you and immediate family members, the following ideas will help you prepare a get together that is special.

Hand Out Gift Bags That Contain Jewelry And Clay Pots

Purchase paper gift bags and line the bottom of them with tissue paper. Buy several pieces of Zuni jewelry, including pendants, bracelets, and earrings that are made from turquoise and sterling silver. You can find such pieces at places like the Reservation Trading Post of New Mexico. Purchase clay pots and place the jewelry items inside of the pots before setting the pots inside of the bags.

Write family members names on gift tags and secure a tag to each bag. When your guests arrive, offer the bags to them and suggest that they wear the jewelry pieces during the gathering. After the celebration is over, jewelry can be worn during special occasions and each clay pot can be placed on a table or shelf to be enjoyed each day. 

Offer A Spread Of Food And Beverages

Prepare dishes that you grew up eating or order meals from a catering service. Prepare an outdoor buffet by arranging tables on a level part of the property and lining up bowls and plates of food across each table. If you live in a warm climate and the party is going to be held on a day that is predicted to be sunny and humid, erect a waterproof canopy or screen tent to place the tables and food under. Chill a variety of beverages before offering them to your family members during the meal. 

Set Up A Campfire To Dance Around And Share Stories

Use a rake to clear a portion of the ground before creating a campfire. If you live in an area that does not allow campfires on residential property, purchase an electric fireplace to use instead. Play music that is reminiscent of your past or that strikes a memory for one or more of your family members. Invite everyone to dance around the fire while enjoying the musical selections that are playing.

After everyone expends their energy, sit down by the fire and share stories from the past with your family. Also request that some of your kin offer stories about some prominent memories of their own. During this time, you and your family members will strengthen bonds with one another.