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Supply List For Making Your Own Custom Jewlery

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Making your own jewelry can be really exciting and a great way to express your creative side. If you are someone has always wanted to make custom designed jewelry, but you are not quite sure about how to go about doing it, then now is the time to do it. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to expressing yourself. But, you do need to get the proper materials. This quick guide will help you learn how to go about creating custom jewelry, and point you in the right direction. 

Wire Cutter and Pliers

If you want to start with really beautiful beaded necklaces, then the first thing you will want is a set of wire cutters and pliers that are designed for fine jewelry making. These are used to cut the ultra thin wire and and crimp it. You will learn the basics of necklace and bracelet making. You can also use these tools when you move on to more advanced jewelry making tasks such as earrings.

Glass Beads or Semi-Precious Stones

In order to make your very first custom jewelry, you will need the decorative objects. The wire is the support structure, the basis of the necklace or pendant. In order to make it into something more, you will need something to adorn it. You can get decorative glass beads from an online supplier. These come pre-drilled with holes that you thread the wire thorough. If you are not interested in using a string of glass beads you can opt for semi-precious stones. You can use these as pendants on your necklaces. This will require the additional use of an adhesive since the precious stone won't have been pre-drilled.


You will want to get special adhesives that are designed to be used with jewelry making. These adhesives are a better option over store brought glues with might either not set correctly, or else set with visible colors and make the pendant look unattractive. What you want is a adhesive that will allow you to set a piece or quartz, turquoise, or whatever other stone you are using, and have it fasten securely and without visible glue markings.

A Custom Jewelry Design Guide

All of the supplies are great, but you also want something that can help guide your creativity. What you want is some sort of guide, or textbook. This will be helpful in showing you the basics of how to do everything from crimp a wire, thread a needle through a bead, to secure a pendant with jewelry adhesive.