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3 Items You Easily Sell To A Pawnshop

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If you're like most people, you probably have a few things lying around your home that you don't really use anymore, and you may be wishing there were an easy way to sell them. Many people in your position use online classifieds for this purpose, but this often means welcoming strangers into your home to check out the merchandise, and some people simply aren't comfortable with that. 

Also, if you're a fairly busy person, selling something on your own might take up more of your time than you want to give to the situation. The good news is that old-school pawn shops still exist, and they're often the ideal solution for busy people who want no-hassle sales regarding their unwanted stuff. 

However, not everything is equal when it comes to pawn shop sales. That laptop you've loved for years and are now ready to put out to pasture may not bring much because electronics have become so plentiful that everyone's trying to sell their used devices. However, you can still get a few bucks for well-maintained electronics, so it can't hurt to try. Nonetheless, there are some items that simply in greater demand than others. 

Following are three categories of items that almost never fail to sell well at pawn shops. 

1. Firearms

If you've got an old hunting rifle that you don't use anymore, there's no sense in letting it collect dust — gun enthusiasts often look in their local pawn shop before purchasing something new. Unless you're a regular at the rifle range in your community, the chances are good that your gun hasn't been used that much, making it possible for you to get a price that reflects its good condition. 

2. Power Tools 

Because power tools can be expensive, many people prefer to buy them second hand. If you've recently upgraded your power tool collection, consider helping defray the cost by taking your old tools to your local pawn shop. Construction workers and handymen are always looking for good deals on secondhand tools. 

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is another area in which pawn shops are highly competitive. Quality jewelry that's been well-cared for doesn't take on a worn-out appearance at all, and many smart consumers hit their local pawn shops rather than retail jewelry stores when seeking to add to their jewelry collection. Even if you have jewelry that's a bit worse for wear, your pawnbroker will be interested in buying it if it contains precious metals or gemstones.    

For more information on getting jewelry loans, contact your local pawn shop.