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3 Tips To Making Sure The Diamond Engagement Ring Looks Expensive (Even If It's Not)

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The lady of your dreams means everything to you, and you just can't wait to ask her that big, life-changing question. Your first plan of action is to pick out the best engagement ring you can find. You may prefer to get the love of your life the most expensive ring money can buy, but your bank account and budget say that you're going to have to be a little more conservative with your choices. Just because you don't have a lot to spend on a diamond engagement ring, it does not mean the ring you end up revealing to your love has to look cheap. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping to ensure the engagement ring you pick out looks like it cost quite a bit. 

1. Make sure the diamond is held in place with slim prongs. 

This is a simple trick used by a lot of jewelers who want to make the stone stand out and look bigger. Large and bulky prongs to hold a stone in place will crowd the surface of the diamond and make it look substantially smaller. If you are worried about longevity, don't. Even slim prongs are really secure and will not wear away or break easily as long as you opt for a dense metal. 

2. Opt for a white metal instead of yellow gold. 

When you pair a flashy diamond with yellow or rose gold, it minimizes the look of the diamond just a little. However, precious white metals can really make that diamond pop because the color hues are similar, and the light reflects off of both the stone and the ring. As an added advantage, white metals like white gold and silver are far less expensive than gold, which means you can allocate the money you would normally spend on metal to the stone and get a bigger one. 

3. Consider a diamond with a slight color grade. 

Diamonds that are the clearest are naturally the most expensive, but diamonds with just a hint of color oftentimes look more expensive because they are unique. If you can find a diamond that has just a hint of blush pink or pale yellow, this can make the engagement ring stand out pretty dramatically. For an added touch of pop, consider picking out a ring that has a small halo of diamonds in a complementing color around the main stone. 

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