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3 Things To Look For In Your Groom's Wedding Ring

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While most couples who want to get married spend a significant amount of time planning the look of the bride's wedding ring, the groom's own ring may get overlooked. But your groom's ring is just as much a part of this new chapter in life as your wedding ring. With that in mind, here are a few tips for brides who are looking for the right groom's ring to celebrate your love.

1. It Matches Your Ring

While you don't have to purchase the groom's ring in the same exact set as yours, look for something that does provide harmony. This harmony might take the form of similar metals or color schemes. It might be continuity of shape and size (either of the ring or the gems), or it could be a motif (e.g. leaves, geometric shapes, or symbol) or engraving. Complementary looks can easily show that the two people are united as a family and facing the world as one. 

2. A Reflected Personality

While a certain level of harmony is ideal, don't feel that you must sacrifice your own personal taste in order to match your fiance. Both the bride and groom's wedding rings should reflect their own personalities and styles. If you're unsure what to get him, it may be difficult to decide what you really want, of course. Don't rush into this purchase or settle on a ring just because you happen to like it. Your future spouse should find something unique and appealing that they will be proud to wear. 

3. Practical Jewelry Considerations

Many men haven't given much thought to gemstones, settings, or metal colors. But sit down as a couple to talk about a few of these practical jewelry considerations. If he wears other types of jewelry — such as a watch, other rings, or a bracelet — how will the metal match with these choices? How does it complement his skin tone and his preferred style of clothing? Is the setting strong enough to withstand a hard job if necessary? Does it fit in with your overall wedding budget? Wedding rings are romantic, but you also want to purchase jewelry that will last and look great.

If you give thought to these three aspects before deciding on your groom's wedding ring, you're sure to find something that both you and he will love for the rest of your lives. For more help, contact local jewelry shops that provide unique men's wedding bands.