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The Sentimental Memories You Can Display With Map Jewlery

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One of the emerging trends with jewelry this year is map jewelry. There are many designers who are offering map jewelry, including A. Jaffe jewelry designer. Map jewelry can include a pendant, dog tag, bracelet or ring that is engraved with the map location that is special or important in your life. If you are looking to create the perfect piece of jewelry for someone you love, you can memorialize important occasions by gifting a piece of map jewelry. Here are a few of the sentimental memories you can relive with this type of jewelry.

Your Wedding Ceremony Location

Saying I do to the love of your life is one of the most special and emotional moments of your life. Whether you are looking to give your partner the perfect gift on their wedding day or you are looking for a special anniversary gift, a piece of map jewelry that showcases the exact spot where you said your wedding vows can be a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. Your loved one can then tell anyone who asks about the piece of jewelry exactly what it represents and why it is so special to them.

The Birthplace of Your Child

A parent always remembers the day that their child came into this world. There are many different types of jewelry out there that are designed for parents to showcase pieces of information about their children, including mother's birthstone rings or children pendant necklaces. A piece of map jewelry can also be created to show the exact location where your child made their grand entrance into this world.

A Graduation Ceremony

If you have a child, love interest, or close friend who is graduating high school or college, you may want to get something to commemorate their graduation ceremony. Creating a piece of map jewelry that features the location of the graduation ceremony can help to ensure that they remember that day for the rest of their life. You can also have the jewelry engraved with a date or quote, making the jewelry even more personalized for their special event.

Map jewelry features a map of a location that has sentimental meaning to someone. A diamond or engraved star can mark the specific location on the map where something important took place. This is a sentimental gift that both men and women can wear to cherish a moment in time that they don't ever want to forget.