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Three Care Tips For Your New Diamond Engagement Ring

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Frances Gerety is an American copywriter who came up with the phrase, "A diamond is forever," in 1948. The strength and hardiness of a diamond is one reason why they are such a popular choice when choosing an engagement ring. However, while diamonds are strong, they not indestructible. So, as the proud new owner of a sparkling diamond engagement ring, you must know how to care for it so it does last a lifetime. Use these three care tips to ensure that your diamond does indeed last forever.

Weekly Wiggle Test

A common reason why a diamond is damaged is that the setting around the stone failed and the stone fell out. The best way to preempt this type of damage is to give the diamond a gentle wiggle once a week. There should be no movement at all when you touch the stone or if give the ring a gentle shake. If there is any, then take the ring to your jeweler so they can check the settings for you. Rings carry a warranty period with them so the repairs will be made at no cost to you provided the ring is still inside its warranty period and the damage was not caused by malicious intent.

Buy A Ring Dish (Or Three)

It is not often you will want to take your beautiful diamond engagement ring off, but cleaning the dishes is one time when you should. This stops any chance of the ring coming into contact with hard pots, pans or plates. A ring dish has a spike protruding from the center which allows the ring to slide onto it and rest off the kitchen counter. It is advisable to have one of these in the kitchen and one in the bathroom so that when you do take your ring off it is easily found again. It also stops the ring sliding off the bench and hitting the hard floor below.

Annual Checkup and Clean

Another way to ensure your diamond engagement ring lasts forever is to return it to your jeweler for an annual checkup and clean. During this checkup the stone is checked for damage, the settings around the stone are checked to ensure their integrity and strength remain and any minute particles of dirt trapped around the stone are removed. This annual process gives you peace of mind that the ring remains in perfect condition.

If you have any further care queries for your new ring, have a chat with your jeweler as they can answer all questions that you have.