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Buying Earrings: What Are You Looking For?

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When it comes to earrings, you want to buy the right ones for your needs. There are several types of earrings on the market in a lot of different styles and materials, and you want to make sure you invest your money wisely.

What earrings are best for you? How many pairs of earrings should you buy? These and other questions will be explored more so that you can buy the best earrings for your needs and wardrobe.

What do you want earrings for?

Think about what you want to wear earrings for. Do you want fancy date-night earrings that dangle? Subtle earrings that can be worn daily to work or school? Trending earrings that are bright and fun?

In knowing what you want to wear earrings for, you can narrow down your options. Consider measuring your earlobe's length to your shoulder in inches or centimeters to determine the best length of earrings for you. 

How much do you have to spend?

Earrings range in price depending on the brand of jewelry you choose. The type and weight of stones placed in earrings account for the price as well. Even the metal used in earrings — such as gold, sterling silver, or nickel — determines how much a single pair of earrings will cost.

If you don't have a large budget, you can mix it up: consider putting the bulk of your budget into a single pair of nice diamond stud earrings, then use the rest of your money to purchase novelty or costume jewelry earrings in faux stones and other inexpensive features. This way, you can have your stunning earrings while having more than a single pair to wear.

What are your earring restrictions?

Do you have any restrictions when it comes to buying and wearing earrings? Are you allergic to nickel, for example, or do you have any reservations about wearing heavier earrings that pull on your ear lobes?

Buy earrings that meet your criteria for comfortable and stylish earrings so you can actually wear the ones you buy. When in doubt, buy earrings that are lightweight and made with hypoallergenic materials. Your jeweler can help you select beautiful earrings that meet your needs and personality.

When storing earrings, keep them in a high place where children and pets cannot get them, and always clean your earrings with an alcohol base or hydrogen peroxide between uses. Doing so will keep your earrings safe and ready to wear whenever you wish.