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Broken Items And Tangled Necklaces Are Valuable To A Gold Buyer

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People may hesitate to bring broken jewelry to a gold buyer because they assume the trip will be a waste of time. They figure these old pieces aren't worth much, if anything. However, most of these businesses pay for gold items even if the pieces are not in good condition.

Market Value

The metal can be sold for its market value by weight. Afterward, the pieces are melted so the gold can be reused. Even intact jewelry that has been well cared for often is sold for this purpose.

People are often surprised about the amount of money offered to them when they decide to sell gold jewelry. That's especially true when the market value is high. 

People who want to maximize their profit might watch current pricing and compare it to the prices in previous years. Others who just want to unload some jewelry for quick cash don't care about that. They're trying to clear some clutter out of their dresser drawers, or they'd simply like to trade unwanted pieces for money. 

Tangled Necklaces

It also doesn't matter if several delicate necklaces have become hopelessly tangled. The gold buyer can still determine the worth by weight. In some instances, those delicate pieces are useful to the buyer for resale in the store. A popular style includes a small pendant with a tiny diamond, for example.

An employee is assigned to separate the items so they can be placed on display. Consumers who are open to purchasing pre-owned jewelry can enjoy significant discounts this way.

Avoiding Inconvenience

There are other ways to sell gold than bringing it to a local business, but those options come with certain inconveniences.

Selling jewelry through an online auction may not generate the money that the person expected. Sellers can set a reserve price so they aren't forced to let go of the item too cheaply, but there's no guarantee the reserve price will be met. In addition, selling online means needing to pack the items up and get them into the mail. 

Listing the pieces on an online classified ads site is another option. However, there may be many people attempting to buy the jewelry for a lower price than the ad states. The person might not receive an acceptable offer for several weeks or ever. Selling to a local individual requires meeting a stranger somewhere. Not everyone feels comfortable about this.

Instead, bringing these belongings to a local gold buyer is a better choice.